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Chapter 10 is here, and with it comes the conclusion of our first two part chapter!

Check it out now in the chapters section

It took a while to produce, but we finally have chapter 9 ready. This chapter is extra special because it both introduces two new characters and is the first two-part chapter in the series!

Hello and welcome to!

It's hard to believe this project has come this far. Just a year ago we were putting out the first chapter, and now here we are eight chapters in and with out own website!

Things seem a little basic at the moment, but look forward to future updates and exclusive content that will be posted here directly. We've always tried our best to keep our audience in the know, and with this site, we will finally be able to do that in more ways than just twitter.

If you're new to the series, welcome! We hope you enjoy reading Renata Tate Goddess for Hire!


Renata Tate.

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